UHS Girls Volleyball 2021-22 Season

This 2021-2022 volleyball season was a real break through. The girls ended their season with a record of 11-4 blazing through their season with determination and motivation. Their coach this year, Anna Tale, was new to Uniontown, but she made such an impact. She led the girls to victory after victory. Let us not forget all of the hard work from our girls though, pushing their way to playoffs.

During this season the girls put up quite the fight, beating teams that were challenging for them in previous years. They kept their heads up and stayed motivated all season. Making it to playoffs was such an accomplishment for these girls, although their trip to playoffs was short, they were still very grateful for the experience.

This year there were 4 seniors. Summer Hawk #20, Karsyn Chiado #3, Nevaeh McCargo #5, and Koti Humberston #6. Senior Nevaeh McCargo says that her favorite part about this season was all of the team bonding they did, and their coach Anna Tale, and of course making it to playoffs. Senior Summer Hawk has a similar response by sharing that her favorite part of the season was making it to playoffs. Karsyn Chiado shares that her favorite part of the season was their new coach, Anna Tale, and senior night. Koti Humberston says her favorite memory from this season was senior night as well.

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