UHS Video Production Wins Best News Show

The West Virginia University Reed College of Media has been a partner with Uniontown High School and were instrumental in helping to set up the Gismondi Center for Media Arts video studio. Whitney Godwin, WVU Recruitment Specialist, visits our video production and Tomahawk Talk newspaper students each year to present topics related to broadcasting and highlight the programs available for students to study at WVU. Due to COVID restrictions, no visits took place this past year. Instead, the college hosted several high school media contests for students to enter.

Mrs. Marzano’s video production class was able to produce their first newscast one year after school closings began. Social distance protocols required that only one news anchor could present at a time with edits in post. Filming and editing were done by sophomore students Payton Hostetler and Grant Barcheck. They entered this broadcast in the WVU Media March Challenge. They were judged by people who manage the WVU News Show and ESPNU Campus Connection. We are proud to announce that we won Best News Show. Entries were submitted by 10 schools from four states. Whitney stated, “I personally thought your kids did AWESOME! It’s been so cool for me to watch your program grow in this way. I love working with you all.”

Here is some feedback from the judges who are graduate students and professors that run the WVU News show:

  • Great intro, we LOVE the graphics 
  • Anchors look very professional—awesome job, guys!
  • The transitions to other anchors seem a little jarring at times, work for smooth transitions in script
  • We love the skits involved, they are really fun and attention grabbing—right now, this type of information sharing is really popular and helps get the point across to the right audience.
  • The packages are good and really fun. We loved them!
  • Good integration of different anchors––gives everyone a chance to be on camera and keep working on those skills.
  • Love the sentimental and heartwarming stories. We were overall very impressed with the diversity and variety of stories and content. Keep up the great work—you are doing awesome!

Here is the winning news broadcast.

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