Uniontown Area High School’s First Week Back

For Uniontown, going back to school in person was very slow compared to other schools in the area. Even though some grades went back, not everyone is here yet. Juniors and seniors will be coming next week.

Uniontown is doing this a little bit different than other schools. We have one remote day every ten days instead of having one every Wednesday. This is a good way of doing things because it gives us more class time. Being in the classroom is a lot easier than being at home. It’s easier to pay attention and we can interact with other people. Even if we are socially distanced and we have our masks on, we can still interact with teachers and student to make our day a lot easier.

So far, Uniontown has had no problems with student coming back to school. Everyone is healthy and having a good time being in a public place and not stuck at home. Hopefully this stays the same when all students come back.

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