Uniontown Boys’ Soccer Team

The boys soccer team here at UHS has always had their ups and downs. This year may be a little different as they could have more ups than downs. This could be possible with the newest additions to the team. We have lots of hope for the team as they have been looking good during their first two scrimmages against Elizabeth Forward and Charleroi. Although both ended in a loss the team played very well against them with their chemistry and skills.

The newest additions are the Freshman and two Sophomores; Austin Thomas, Cooper Gilleland, Rocco Furrer, and Kyle Hospidavis, Parker King, and Ram Ten. Ram Ten is a foreign exchange student from Manchester, England where he has been playing soccer over there since he was 6. He currently goes to Frazier Highschool and plays with us since they do not have a soccer team.

The returning players for this year are: Dalton Grimes, Seth Lee, Carson Gilleland (Seniors), Ryley Umbel, Chaz Lambie, Grant Barcheck, Colton May, Christian Thomas, Isaac Conklin (Juniors), Parker Herman, Sam Fitzpatrick, Wyatt Nehls, and Levi Gilleland (Sophomores). With the players for this season the team could come out with a winning season. The way they play and the way they practice shows that they can beat any team on their schedule.

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