Uniontown Student Creates Custom School Spirit Jeans

Sophia Friend, a senior at Uniontown, is using her free time to paint school spirit onto denim jeans. She has made two pairs so far and hopes to continue making them for the community. The supplies that she uses are very simple. Sophia uses maroon and white fabric paint, glitter glue, rhinestones, and maroon ribbon.

Sophia begins her projects by free handing the design on the jeans that people choose, and then filling in the letters and or numbers with paint. After the design is painted, she lets the paint air dry so she is able to do a final heat press. The heat press seals the fabric paint into place and allows you to be able to wash the jeans with no damage. When the heat press process is complete, then starts the fun part.

Sophia enjoys using lots of rhinestones and glitter to make the jeans fancy and stand out. She adds stars to the jeans and then covers them with glitter glue and rhinestones. Sophia’s favorite part is to sew a strip of diamonds onto the back of the jeans to be more creative. Sophia is capable of adding almost any design that the customer choses. She takes time doing her work so that it is done right and looks nice for the customers to be able to enjoy. She is ready to take on more challenges and would love to create more jeans for customers.

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