Uniontown Students at The Heart Ball

On Saturday, March 7th The Heart Ball, a gala for the American Heart Association, took place. Three students from our school volunteered at the ball. Those students were Addison Wilhelm, Brandon Hebda, and Madelyn King. The Heart Ball is an event that celebrates efforts done to help with heart disease and strokes, and to also help raise money for their association.

This event started at 5:30 pm with a silent auction and cocktails. At 6 pm the ballroom doors opened, and then at 7 pm the opening remarks began and awards were presented. Dinner began at 8 pm and shortly after the live auction started. Around 8:30, there was a tribute and then the open your heart donations started. After everything was finished there was a dance party for about two hours.

Our students helped with checking in attendants and giving them their table numbers. After everyone was checked in they helped with the live auction items. They carried items and used lights to show the volunteer that someone wanted to bid. These students did a great job volunteering and helping our community!

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