Uniontown Supports Ukraine

As we all know by now Russia invaded Ukraine a couple weeks ago, on February 24th. Since then the war has waged on. Many Ukrainians have lost their homes and women and children are fleeing to the Polish boarder for refuge. While men ages 18 to 30 are staying to defend their country, U.S. troops have sent aid to the fleeing refuges. Here in America we are doing everything we can for to support the war effort. We have passed relief efforts for the Ukrainian people and are dealing with the rising gas prices as it is a small struggle compared to those across seas.

Here at Uniontown our own Interact club is doing their part by selling T-shirts to send money to Ukraine. They believe it is important to support the war effort as American citizens, because is a fight for democracy. All of the proceeds they collect will go towards disaster relief for those fleeing Ukraine and help provide water filters and other necessities, that they were unable to bring with them. At Uniontown we hope to do our part to help Ukrainians recover from this life changing disaster as much as possible.

We talked to Mrs. Michael, the clubs sponsor, who explained that the T-shirt sale was in partnership with the local rotary club. They also providing links to the T-shirt sale to Albert Gallatin and Laurel Highlands making it a competition of sorts between the three schools. But don’t worry Mrs. Michael has assured us that we are winning. While this friendly rivalry is fun, everyones main focus is the Ukrainian people. The T-shirts will arrive next week, so you can wear your support with pride, but in the meantime keep the people in your prays and look for other ways to assist the war effort.

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