Uniontown’s First Independent Football Game against Perry Traditional Academy

Thursday September 2nd, the Uniontown Red Raiders headed up against Perry Traditional Academy. As their first game since dropping out of the WIPIAL’s and going independent. Also the first game under the direction of the new head coach Keith Jeffries and assistant coach Harry Kaufman. Last years season they only got to play two games against Albert Gallatin and Ringold due to COVID. Uniontown has not had a successful season in several years.

The game was held in downtown Pittsburgh at a field that all of the Pittsburgh Public Schools share. The usual Friday night game was held on a Thursday since so many games are held there. The band was able to perform at an away game, the first in over a year, with an incredible view of the city in the backdrop.

UHS Marching Band field show performs with the city of Pittsburgh in the background.

The Raiders ended up losing the game 34-0 with them scoring 34 in the first half of the game. With starting running back out for Uniontown Devin George was in contact with some one with COVID. Perry Traditional was the better team this week but it was just the first game so they still can have a successful season.

Next weeks game is against Carrick High school on Friday, September 10 at 7pm. It is being played at the Uniontown Red Raiders home field. This game coming up looks is going to be a lot more competitive come for them. This may be the game they need to win so they can get their season rolling.

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