Uniontown’s Red Ribbon Week

With rising concern and issue with drugs in America ,Uniontown Area High School does their part in teaching students about drug abuse and how to stay clear of it. With that being said teachers and students here at Uniontown are teaching each other by passing red ribbons out to help promote a drug free life style. Red Ribbon was created as a tribute for a Drug Enforcement Special Agent Enrique “KiKi” Camarena. Enrique was sadly murdered by drug trafficker’s in New Mexico City. This helped start the continuing tradition of giving and showing red ribbons as a symbol of intolerance for drug use across America.

Red Ribbon week is the nation’s largest and long-lasting drug and tabacco awareness campaign. It was first introduced to provide members of the Boy and Girl Scout a chance to earn a special patch by promoting an participating in anti-drug use activities across their communities. The DEA states that their reasoning for this campaign was to “empower young people to engage in a drug-free activity and strengthen their anti-drug beliefs.”

Uniontown Area High School was one of the high schools that chose to join in on this campaign. We showed awareness by passing out little red ribbons to all students and encouraging them to wear them around for the week. Along with that, UAHS has many anti-drug use posters and does a great job of advocating for anti-drug usage.

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