Unity Day

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Unity Day has been recognized as the signature event of this month since 2011.  To participate in Unity Day, people and communities all over the nation wear or share orange to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to help spread awareness to bullying. The National Bullying Prevention Month campaign was founded to connect communities and spread kindness and raise awareness for bullying.

More than 1 in 5 school aged students report being bullied in their time at school. Bullying comes in many forms. Whether that be verbal or physical threats or assault or something small like being purposely excluded. While some people who have never experienced bullying may not see some of these things like a big deal, those that have know the tremendous mental and physical damage this can bring on an individual.

In honor of Unity Day, Uniontown Area High School did their part by recognizing this day of importance and wearing orange. Many teachers took time to educate their students on this event and why it was so important as a school community. Unity Day is a reminder to not only Uniontown, but schools across the world, that bullying is extremely hurtful to others and we need to take time to spread kindness and acceptance instead of hate and exclusion.

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