Unsure about College? Learn a trade at the FCCTI

Most people today are worried about what college they will be attending once they graduate from high school, Even if they know what school they will be attending they don’t know what classes they will take or what they will be doing after college. Learning a trade isn’t always a bad thing for some people. Want to learn a hands on trade? You can go to a Diesel Mechanics class or another mechanics class, they also provide an Advanced Manufacturing shop that deals with a lot of software and powder coating or 3D printing, and we have an Electrical Engineering class you could take if you wish to be an electrician.

If you are looking for a medical field to go into you can take Health Occupations to get certifications to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) our school is mostly all hands on. We at the Fayette County Career & Technical Institute, we have a total of 17 different classes you can take. There is so many opportunities that could get you so far in life to where you will be living very comfortably. Here at the technical school we have a program called Skills USA.

It is where a student or students from each shop will go to either Hershey Park, or this year we went to Seven Springs for the Skills USA competition. If the technical school isn’t enough for you, and you would like to progress in your education, they also help you find a Post- Secondary school to your liking, they can help you get Scholarships or grants to get into a post-secondary school of you’re choosing.

The FCCTI is a great opportunity for students to learn the trade that they want to learn. You can go very far with this school, and this tech school has plenty of benefits for students who do very well in their education there. I myself have done very well and I took two different shops, I definitely recommend this school to anyone who prefers to learn hands on.

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