UPMC Cyber Security

On Friday, March 11th 2022, Emily Yarish and Allie Cleary met with student to talk about their jobs working in IT and Cybersecurity at UPMC. They talked about their time in UPMC’s Information Technology Rotational Program and how it helped them get to the jobs they have today. They also talked about the things they do on a daily basis and they software they use to do their jobs.

Any students that are interested in pursuing any type of IT career would have greatly benefited from this presentation. They talked about the skills you need and other IT related careers, such as Software Engineer, Project Manager, or Systems engineer. They also shared their personal stories and what led them to this career.

Overall, this was a very informational presentation that showed us work that occurs behind the scenes that we don’t always notice first-hand. Without them, the software and systems that UPMC uses everyday would be subject to hackers and other negative consequences that could compromise UPMC’s confidential information.

Emily Yarish and Allie Cleary

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