UT Boys Starts Off With a Great Win

As Uniontown fans get pumped up for the first boys game of the season, they head out to Penn State Fayette.  The first boys game was on December 7, at 5:45 pm.  Albert Gallatin was the first victim to lose against the Raiders.  With Joseph Campbell making 16 points and Jordan Pratt making 18, Raiders win the game with 69 to 51.

December 8, at 8:15 pm., Uniontown fans dress up for a black out at Penn State once more. Raiders were up against Connesville.  It was close at first but Raiders dominated in the end.  With a second win of 61 to 55, Uniontown boys start to head in the right direction.  Cristian Kezmarsky, Dreher Winfrey, and Xavier Ellis all scoring double digits.

Lets get those fans out there again for the next game!


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