Versus: J.Cole vs. Wale

By: Darius Pratt

This weeks battle is between J.Cole and Wale. These two artist have both been to college. With the extended schooling that these two rappers have encountered they both used it to succeed.  Read on to find out more.

J. Cole was born in Frankfort, Germany on January 28, 1985 on a U.S. military base. He and his mother moved to America when he was only 8 months old, due his parents divorce. From this point on Cole was raised by his mother, aunt and cousin. His father had no longer been involved in his life. Cole mentioned that he always wanted a father figure and that is why he played sports. Cole started rapping at the age of 12 when his cousin from Louisiana came to visit him over a summer.  His cousin showed him the basics of rhyming and young J.Cole was instantly hooked.  By the time J.Cole was 15 he had a notebook filled with rhymes but no beat.  He continuously begged his mother to get him a beat machine so that he could make original music.  He then attended St. John’s University on an academic scholarship. There, he majored in communication and minored in business, he said “I chose this school so I could be in the heart of the music industry” which is New York City.

Wale was born to Nigerian immigrants, who came to  America 5 years before he was born. He moved to Maryland from Washington D.C. when he was only 10 years old, but he was mostly raised in suburban D.C. Where his parents worked around the clock to support their family. Wale admits that he really didn’t live in the suburbs, he called “Ghetto suburbs”,he does on to say when he was 6 years old he was robbed by drug addicts on his way home from a local gas station. Wales parents were rarely home so he didn’t even bother to call them. His parents also rarely had time to attend any of his events such as football. He attended Robert Morris College and Virginia State on a football scholarship, just to transfer to Bowie State. Unfortunately, he never actually finished school. He quit college so he could turn more attention toward his recording career.  He got his first airplay circa 2003-2004 with “Rhyme of the Century” with the help of a local DJ. Wale signed with the local start-up imprint Studio 43. Which was actually owned by a former VP of Roc-a-Fella Records. But this was not the only thing that helped his success. MySpace and intelligent use of the internet helped his success. It helped DJ Mark Ronson catch wind of this new MC.  Wale started a deal with Ronson’s own imprint and released “100 Miles and Running” mix tape that put his name in everyone’s mouth. Wale was soon after overwhelmed by offers from Epic, Atlantic, Def Jam, and Interscope Records. The most recent of his albums was “Ambition” that made him a dominant force in the present rap game.

In my opinion, Wale wins the battle. I gave Wale the title this week because he really didn’t have much support from his parents, but he used that as motivation and drive to become successful as he is today. J.Cole didn’t have much support from his father but his mother was with him every step of the way.

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What did J. Cole overcome in his life? All you told me was how he started in the rap game. Honestly, I am not sure about this article. The info about how they were introduced into the rap game is there and it is working, but your reasoning for who won is not. Introduce some of the struggles each artist had to over come and then maybe the article will be ready.


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