Versus: Lil Wayne vs. Eminem

By: Darius Pratt

This weeks on versus : Lil Wayne and Eminem.  These two artists are ranked in the top 25 greatest rappers. Who is better?  Who has accomplished more?

Lil Wayne started his rap career when he was only 8 years old.  By the time he was 17 he decided that to become the best rapper alive he would have to better his skills.  To do so, he recorded all of  his last written raps in a 45 minute song that contained 10,000 musical bars.  On the television show Behind The Music Lil Wayne admits “I don’t have to write anything down.”  When asked why he answered ” because what I say is me.”

Eminem on the other hand started preforming at the age of 13. While in high school he managed to fail 9th grade 3 times, but don’t let that change your opinion of him. A few years down the road, Eminem started rapping underground for money to support his wife and daughter. He was very close to winning the grand prize of $1,500, but due to a slip up he lost. He was so furious that he hadn’t even noticed the few producers in the crowd. Shortly after, Dr. Dre had tracked him down only to begin a successful journey.

Eminem has 13 Grammies compared to Lil Wayne ‘s 4. Today Eminem is very successful as is Lil Wayne.In my opinion I think Lil Wayne is more popular than Eminem, but lyrically Eminem would leave him in the dust.  Plus Eminem raps about real life situations and problems and Lil Wayne is more of a chaotic styled lyrics.  Lil Wayne and Eminem have even produced many songs together including Drop the World,  Forever, and Dear Anne ( Stan Pt 2).  Lil Wayne’s song Anne was actually inspired by Eminem song Stan. Eminem sits at number one on the list of the best rappers of all time, he is said to have the best flowing lyrics and his metaphors and word play is just crazy. Lil Wayne on the other hand (Number 11)  just misses the top tens list.

In conclusion, i think these two rappers are very amazing just in different ways, Lil Wayne is just a very quick thinker, he can replace words so fast that some might say that he is gifted. Eminem, knows how to use a rhythmic voice to tell a story. The stories he tells in his music are about life, where as Lil Wayne’ s is just about his life style.






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