Versus: Machine Gun Kelly vs. Mac Miller

By: Darius Pratt

This weeks battle is between Pittsburgh native Mac Miller and Ohio’s own Machine Gun Kelly. Who is better? Who will hold the crown of this weeks Versus? Read and find out!

Machine Gun Kelly (a.k.a MGK) was born in Houston, Texas. Through his life he lived in almost a dozen places, including Egypt and Denver, and Colorado. Finally, settling in Ohio with his father, after his mother left. “I don’t have a relationship with my mom, she left when I was nine years old” says MGK. When MGK was in middle school he was bullied. “I used to stand out because I was tall and I could not really fight back then.”  MGK states. “Then I got tired of getting beat up so I started fighting people with my words instead.” In seventh grade MGK was inspired to rap by DMX’s “We Right Here” video. In 2006  MGK went to the Apollo ,and immediately was booed shortly after stepping on the stage.Yet, despite that one time loss, he was the first rapper to win the Apollo twice! After he had turned 18 his father  kicked him out on his own. Not long after  MGK had his own child Cassie. Cassie gave her father a new out look that made him work so much harder, pushing him to what he has become today.

At the age of 6 Mac Miller taught himself to play piano, drums, guitar, and bass. His father is Christian and his mother is Jewish, but Mac was raised Jewish. He got a reputation of delivering jaw – dropping freestyles in his hometown, Pittsburgh. 2009, he began making solo records, and during this time he released “The Jukebox” and “The High Life” while starting to develop a name for himself online. Mac was featured on the cover of XXL Magazine’s coveted Top Freshman in January 2011. Before his solo career, he was part of a rap group. The Ill Spoken with fellow Pittsburgh rapper, Beedie.   He is close  with another  Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. Mac states “Wiz has been a big brother to me with this music thing so far”.

In conclusion, Mac and MGK are both superb rappers. They both know how to drop an insane flow that leaves the crowd in awe, but sadly only one can win the Versus crown this week. I think MGK wins this week, because unlike Mac he has had many hardships that shaped his life and gave him the “Push” to overcome these hardships and makes his raps feel real.


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