Victoriously Virtual

The adjustment to online learning is not an easy change. However, virtual learning does has many positive benefits. One being that its a way to keep yourself and others safe. It also allows all students have accessibility to all information, instructions, and materials all in one place. Also, since everything is online, it is no longer limited to a singular copy, and its available on any device phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Online learning is a way to protect family and friends, but still have a manageable and beneficial way to learn.

We asked a couple students how they adjusted to online learning and what obstacles they faced and how they overcame them. One student, Levi Bowers, admitted that he is still adjusting to online learning and that it is seeming to be a ‘learn as you go’ situation. He also added that an obstacle he faced was finding a way to balance personal life and school life. He stated, “Learning how to manage and balance both allowed me to success in both personal and school life.”

Another student, Arianna Key, explained that adjusting to online school was easier for her because she was able to maintain a better sleep schedule. An obstacle she faced was being easily distracted at home. She replied, ” The way I managed to keep distractions limited was to move my work space from my bed to a desk space, which also helped to keep my focus solely on school.”

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