Volleyball Team

This week we talked to Mr. Piccolomini, UHS girls Volleyball team coach.  We asked him a few questions about this years team.

What is your own opinion on the volleyball team this year?
” The road to success will take hard work  & consistency all day, everyday.”

Are they as strong as last years team?
” Even stronger.”

How are the after school practices improving the volleyball teams skills?
“Teamwork allows for focus, repetition, and consistency.”

What is it like working with the volleyball team this year? Is it harder or easier this year? 
“I enjoy teaching the players about teamwork and that concept means more than winning or losing”

Members of this year’s team include:

Tiana Lacunza, Bella Baker, Kayla Barbabella, Nicole Bell, Jade Bishop, Tori Burgess, Tori Campbell, Aubrey Crenshaw, Amanda Giachetti, Lyndsay Lebedda, Jessy Madison, Megan Miller, Kaylee Swaney, Kayla Tokar, Hanna Wagner, De’Loleik Wells, Sara Wozniak, and Khani Young.

Coach Steiner is the assistant.


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