Volunteering at Fayette Friends of Animals

Fayette Friends of Animals is a no-kill and rescue animal shelter. They have helped hundreds of animals to find loving homes. Recently they have ten new lab/rottweiler mix puppies and their lab mix mom that needs adopted. If you are not looking to adopt you can consider volunteering.

To do this you must be 16 or older. If you are not in this age range you can still volunteer, but a parent must be present with you. Before you arrive you should have your volunteer application completed. You can fill this out at FFOA- Fayette Friends of Animals . Once accepted you will go through orientation which is watching a PowerPoint on how to walk and handle the dogs. After this you will receive a certification card verifying the completion of your orientation.

After that you can start to work with the animals! A lot of the dogs spend most of their time in their kennels so volunteers are encouraged to walk dogs. It helps you and the dog to get exercise. You can walk all sorts of dogs from big to small. But if that is not your cup of tea, then there is a fenced in area where you can properly play with a dog and let them run off the leash. If dogs are not your thing then you are always welcomed to help in the cats rooms. In these rooms you could help change the water in the water dishes, clean out litter boxes, pick the toys off the ground so that you can sweep and mop. If you are not interested in cleaning you could always socialized with the animals, whether that be a dog or a cat. Some of the animals rescued have been from bad homes, off the street, or from hoarding situations and require more love and attention for them to come out of their shells.

If by any chance you do want to adopt one of these lovely animals you can fill out an application at Contact 1 — FFOA- Fayette Friends of Animals .

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