Voting Turnout For 2020 Presidential Election

This past election for the President of the U.S. had a record breaking turnout of votes despite the COVID-19 Restrictions.

During the past 4 years, tensions between the two main political parties in the U.S. have kept rising, which drove a further divide between them. Democrats, having lost the 2016 election, were eager to replace Trump and put someone who represented their values forth. The Republicans however knew exactly how bad people wanted to replace the President who grew the economy and improved living conditions for the working class, so they, as well as Democrats, were especially motivated to vote and change the tide this year.

The years before 2020 were great for the economy, But once COVID-19 made it over to the U.S it dropped drastically. The stock market had the largest number of crashes and a large recession took place. However, Dow Jones Index and S&P rose sharply during the summer months. As well as a slowed the economy, many social events such as the BLM movement and rioting caused many U.S. citizens to look for change in the upcoming election. Donald J. Trump, one of the most controversial presidents of the U.S., took to media quite often. He always gave news of new treaties and deals while slamming the fake news movement, but many saw 2020 as a failure of judgement on his part. Even with the controversy sparked he managed to maintain economy. He wanted to push new vaccines for COVID-19 to open the country faster and in doing so caused a resurgence in cases.

The Democratic-elect, Joe Biden, was seen as the new bringer of change and justice for the country. During the BLM movement, police brutality was brought to light and many wanted to defund the police. Biden, looking for votes, agreed that the justice system was flawed and needed fixed. Trump argued that radicals were destroying the justice system and that the police were just doing the jobs. This not only split the two parties, but it split many people across the nation and possibly the world. Having this in view, it is important to note that the election was quite close between votes, but Joe Biden won the electoral vote 273-213.

The voting of this year was faster than every before, and it was record-breaking especially in battleground states. Many states like Texas and California were some of the first to finish voting, with faster votes and an overall higher number of total voters. The early votes showed that Biden had a clear win (shown in the graph), but Trump had a steady rise and beat Biden in a majority of the states. The website Town&Country noted that, “For both parties, voter turnout was record-breaking. According to Bloomberg, at least 161 million Americans voted in the 2020 election, the largest number of voters in a U.S. presidential election in history.” It also notes that it was the highest election numbers (66.8%) of registered voters since 1900, where William McKinley won reelection with 73.7%.

This election seemed to be the most important and influential election for many younger generations, and possibly the most controversial one in recent history. The results of this election will dictate the future of the nation, hence why the importance of voting can’t be stressed enough. If you didn’t vote in this last election, remember that each vote counts and how your vote can dictate the future of the nation as a whole.

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