War of 1812

The War of 1812, was a war between the Unites States and Britain, this will explain the causes, the war itself and the highlights. To begin with, the British Royal Navy began to seize the United States ships and sailors by force before the war. The most notable occurrence of this was when a British ship boarded the United States warship the Chesapeake which resulted in the captain and a few crew member’s deaths on the United States side. The war was mostly fought in Canada, but a few battles and other events happened in the south. The more notable battle was in the south near New Orleans, but a few were fought in Canada like Queenstown heights. In August of 1814, British troops marched on Washington D.C and set the White House ablaze and burned it to the ground.  Later that year, the British shelled the American Fort McHenry but the fort refused to surrender and they left Baltimore Harbor after they were done. The War of 1812, was a bloody war that helped national pride and morale in the United States to arise. The war ended in a stalemate as neither side gained any ground. 

This is a map of all the areas in which the war was fought in the United States and Canada but most of the war was fought in Canada, but there were skirmishes and a few major battles in the southern United States. This map even includes the shelling of Fort McHenry in 1812 which led to the composition of Francis Scott Key’s ‘’Star Spangled Banner’’ which would later become the national anthem, and the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, which occurred after the treaty was signed but nevertheless boosted American morale and nationalism as well as put General Andrew Jackson to the forefront of American fame and his eventual election as president in 1820. 

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