Ways to Increase Productivity

Even now, people are still feeling the effects of Covid-19. I know for me, it has been difficult to find the motivation to stay on track with my school work. Trying to get back on top of things has been challenging after being in the habit of finishing my work any time of the day or night.

First of all, it’s most important to get a good night of sleep. Being well rested can help influence motivation. For example, if you are tired and dragging around all day, you’re not going to feel like doing anything. It is also important to focus on one thing. Research shows that trying to multitask can reduce productivity by 40%. It has been proven that creating a to-do list and crossing things off as you go can boost productivity. Supposedly having more of a visual of what you need to do can help.

Being motivated is a big part of being a good student. After everything we have been through the past couple years with virtual learning, it can be very hard to find that inspiration that you once had for school.

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