We Believe in Human Kindness

This week we are spreading extra kindness across the school. We use Valentine’s Day as a day to show our love for our boyfriends and girlfriends, but why can’t we show love to everyone we care about? We should show kindness everyday, not just Valentine’s Day, but this is just the start of a positive message.

We have placed flyers around the school that you can take messages from that could change someones day. All the messages are inspiring yet simple. Its a great idea to rip one off and give it to your friend. But it would be even better to give one to someone you don’t know that well to make their day better. It’s the little things in someones day that make them smile, so give them a smile by giving them a message. Use these messages to spread kindness, and continue to spread happiness throughout the school.

This is a start to have a more positive environment at our school. But you can be a positive impact too just by being nice to people and being respectful to your classmates and teachers. Together we can all make school a happier place one step at a time. So if you see one of our flyers hanging in the hall, rip off a message and give it to someone. It might just make there day!


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