Welding at FCCTI

Fayette County Career and Technical Institute offers two amazing welding classes. Welding one is the shop for sophomores and juniors and welding two is for seniors. Both offer very good hands on experience and a very nice classroom setting. It’s a small classroom where students learn things like what steel can be used for and how different metals are made. Students also learn what kind of metal can be welded with what process and what kind of shield gas to use.

Welding is very important in everyday life. All the buildings you all work in, tables, chairs, and desks, and cars for example. There are so many things that need welded in everyday life. There are many job opportunity’s for welding such as pipeline, assemblers, fabricators, boilermakers, jeweler, metal worker, machinists, sheet metal workers, plumbers, pipe fitters, steam fitters, under water welder, welding helper, TIG, stick, MIG, nuclear welder, and rig welder.

The jobs are endless and they are in high demand and pay very well. FCCTI prepares students for all of these careers. Students practice a lot of great skills they will find useful in the work force such as using a square and how to find the diameter.

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