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WGU helps students with getting scholarships to their university by having many different choices to pick from. They have a New Years Scholarship, Teachers Of Tomorrow, and Military Appreciation. All you need to do is make an application and pick the scholarship you want to have the chance to win it. But not only that, WGU also wants students who enroll there to graduate with little or no debt. This is such a good goal for a college to do to help their students or even students who want to go to college in the future. However, a lot of people are not going to college because of the debt that they will left in after college. All their paychecks will be for paying off their school debt, when for a lot of people, student debt takes forever to pay off.

Since the launch of WGU’s Responsible Borrowing Initiative in 2013, the average borrowing of students who take loans has decreased by more than 40%. Undergraduate students at WGU graduate with half the debt of their peers across the country, and the university’s three-year loan default rate is also less than half the national average.
WGU has a mission to help students receive their education, without taking on mountains of student loans. WGU’s Responsible Borrowing Initiative is helping students reduce their student debt at an impressive pace. Students are also defaulting on their student loans at less than half the national average rate. WGU’s goal is to offer high-quality education to students, with tuition that is affordable.

and grants that make earning their degrees even more affordable. WGU is also a top 10 military friendly school 10 years running. WGU is proud to offer a flexible, affordable education that fits the needs of America’s service members.


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