What Can The Human Body Do Without A Brain?

To click onto this broadcast must of been a no-brainer, or was it? I mean to even just think about clicking on it would require some brain function, and then to listen and comprehend everything I’m saying, like you are now, that requires a whole different set of brain functions. So, what does it mean when something is, “A no-brainer”, and is such a thing even possible? Lets return back to my initial query, I mean of course watching this broadcast requires the use of your brain, as you are receiving photons that are sending a message to your brain, which involves the brain, and you’re understanding my words, which you wouldn’t be able to understand without the brain, so those are out of the question.

But let’s propose we removed the head completely, full decapitation. Well, in some cases, or organisms, that might not actually be enough. We’re talking about Mike, a chicken who after having its head removed, lived for another 18 months and even went on to tour the country. Mike was fed with tubes after its decapitation, by putting drops of water and food through what was left of its throat. Why was the chicken able to live for so long afterwards? You see the chicken, even with its head removed, still possessed its brain stem. Now, of course, this is not the case with humans, the moment we are decapitated, our life would undoubtedly, and abruptly, end. But does that mean everything is seized? I mean you can no longer breathe or speak or even think, and there is so much that stops, but that doesn’t mean everything has been halted. A rumor or misconception about our hair and nails after death, states that the hair begins to shrink or re-enter the body, but realistically its the opposite, you see, as the body begins to sit and rot for some time, the skin begins to shrink and shrivel. Now we have another question, does this require the brain? And what about our bowels? If the person ate something before death, and was still digesting it, the excretion of their bowels would likely follow shortly after death, could that be called a “no-brainer”, I mean they no longer have a brain, why wouldn’t it? And digestion is a viable answer, isn’t it? Not exactly. I mean even when you’re alive, bacteria in the stomach helps to break down and digest food, but can a foreign source that has little connection to your brain apply to this concept? Not really since you aren’t doing anything, at that point the bacteria is digesting the food alone, and even if it weren’t a foreign source it would merely be able to live because of something your brain enabled you to do. In that case what about the skin cells? They can live up too two hours after the brain has been removed. And what about your reflexes, traditionally reflexes respond from a message to your brain. But sometimes, your nerves are required to act so fast, a message isn’t transmitted to the brain since the nerves don’t have enough time, instead the nerves themselves just act and cause your body to react. We can see this perfectly demonstrated through a cockroach. A cockroach with its head removed can live for months, why? Well, they don’t actually have a brain, instead they live by a string of nerves throughout the roach, that act similarly to a brain. But the nerves are only able to act through the brains transmission of energy to them. A neat example of this is seen quite commonly at seafood restaurants, when salt is shaken onto frog legs or onto octopi, the energy released from the nerves, provided by the once present brain, become exhausted, and get used. In other words, the nerves are merely capable of releasing energy because of the brain and its input, be it messages or energy. Which means any bodily functions done by the body after decapitation, such as nerves, bowel excretion, reflexes, are only functional because of the brains support. If a no-brainer is anything that you can do without a brain, and everything your brain is attached to, is you, since its attached to the entirety of your body. Then the only reason everything would be functional to its extent is due to your brains past impact on everything.


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