What is some encouraging advice for high school students?

In today’s article we interviewed Samantha Thompson, a past Uniontown High School graduate. In this interview we asked questions about what her best advice to high school students would be.

Samantha stated “one of the main things that I would tell high school students is not to do work last minute” even if it may seem like it’s a little bit of work at the time, you don’t want to get in the habit of pushing work off because over time the work will add up and become a lot of work that needs done ASAP. She even states “trust me I was in those shoes once, save yourself the hassle and do it as soon as you can.”

Another great advice given by Samantha was to start looking into scholarships your junior year and try to have where you’re going to college at figured out by the beginning of your senior year. She states that senior year can and will be very stressful so if you save yourself the time and start early your junior year then you won’t be as stressed out come senior year.

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