What Students Are Doing During Isolation

We all know how hard it is to keep busy during quarantine. To cope with isolation, students have picked up some new hobbies. Let’s see what students are up to lately.

Lots of students say that they have started drawing and painting. This is a fun activity and a good way to pass the time. It is also a good creative outlet.

Furthermore, students have said they’re watching a lot of movies and TV shows. A good show to watch is Cobra Kai, a TV show spin-off of the amazing movie The Karate Kid.

Another hobby students have taken up is baking. Personally, I like to bake muffins and cookies. Baking is a very fun hobby, especially the eating part!

Arts and crafts is also popular among students. Making bracelets and necklaces is a fun activity, and you get some cool jewelry out of it too. A quick trip to the craft store is all you need!

So, that’s what students have been doing during isolation. I hope you got some ideas that will keep you busy!

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