What to wear for the Glow Dance!

Uniontown High school is having their annual glow dance on march 27th. The dance is only 4 weeks away! It’s always good to be prepared and start planing ahead of time for the dance. You need to get your ride, what your doing after, and what your wearing all ready so the day of the dance you are ready to go. I have some tips on how show up looking your best.

Most students wear neon or white clothing that will glow under that black lights. Students will also paint white clothing with bright colored paint to add personal details. If you want to paint your outfit you can get good paint for this a Micheal’s Craft store or on amazon (if you have time to get it shipped). Students also paint designs on their legs, arms, and faces. If you don’t have money or time to get your own paint they have a small supply to use when you get there. Adding extra things to your outfit; sparkles, feathers, scrunchies, bandannas, and colorful socks are all great extra little details to add to make your outfit more special !

The Glow dance is one of my personal favorites! You don’t have to dress up so expensive and fancy. The dance is usually pretty hot and sweaty, everyone parties and dances the most at the glow dance. Because it is so hot I recommend wearing shorts and a t-shirt or maybe even a tank top. My freshman year I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt and I was still very hot. So keep that in mind when picking out what pieces you are gonna customize to be extra special for the Glow dance.

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