Where are Students Working?

High school is a great time to start working at a job. There is a wide selection jobs and many businesses are hiring. The only question is where are most teens working. We did some research and found the most high school students go into a retail or barista jobs. A lot of students are just looking for a quick cash grab and aren’t really looking into anything to permanent yet. Students that attended the Vo-Tech in high school usually get a job doing what they learned. High school students are the future of this economy and that future is coming faster than you realize.

I interviewed Noah Hutch and this is what he had to say. Noah works at Dairy Queen he said his main motivation for working there was money and his friends that also work there. Noah said on a typical work day he is either making ice cream, working the cash register, or helping customers. Noah said what he likes most about his job was the money he makes and the people he works with.

I also interviewed Brianna Krall she works at Becks pizza shop. Brianna said at her job she makes food for customers, takes online orders, and clean up when she has closing shift. Brianna said she like her job because they pay well and she always has money in her pocket. She also has hopes about doing delivers and getting a potential raise.

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