Where are the majority of students working?

Many students at UHS live very busy lives between school, sports, and extracurricular activities, but there is a surprisingly large amount of students that also work part-time jobs. Some students get work-release, some students work weekends, and some students work after school, but no matter when they work, they are still giving up time and effort to earn money for their wants and needs. Most of the students that work part-time jobs work in the food and beverage industry, like hosts or servers at restaurants and fast food employees. Other students work in the sales industry, which means they work in a store. Some students work for their family members or family businesses.

Most of the students who work in the food and beverage industry believe that restaurant positions, such as hosting and serving, are where they can make the most money as high school students. Other students think that any job where employees can receive tips is a job that high schoolers should be working. Some students argue that it does matter where you work right now because businesses are so under-staffed that they are willing to pay their employees more than a few dollars over minimum wage.

It doesn’t make a difference where our students work, how much money they make, or how often they work, they are working very hard. It is shocking how hard our students work at school and at school activities, and still have enough energy to go to work. It shows our students determination!

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