Where Are They Now? Cole Waligura

Ever wonder what happened to Cole Waligura after high school? He planned on leaving Uniontown taking his education further and started studying his major accounting in Fall of 2018. Cole chose this major due to the fact that his mother Cherisse Waligura, is also an accountant for the company Mylan. Cole went through his first year of college and finished with a 4.0! He then got an offer to work and be the manager for a company Student Painters house painting done by college students. Cole worked hard during this time period and he continued to paint houses with his group of workers for the entire summer of 2019.

Cole then went on to continue his education in the fall at WVU but on March 16, 2020 he was forced to stay in his apartment and work on his classes remotely which was really challenging. He was quarantined in his apartment until April 8. Since then he has been laying around at home, as well as doing school work, and helping his father run the local hobby shop Get A Hobby.

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