Where are They Now? Carter Waligura

Carter Waligura graduated from Uniontown High School in 2016. He attended Case Western Reserve University to study Aerospace Mechanical Engineering. Throughout Carters four years at Case Western he has gone through many adventures. Carter has participated in the CWRU Marching Band if the first two years that he attended school. During this time, Carter made memorable friends, that will last him a lifetime during those times. In between Carters Sophomore & Junior year of college, carter got an internship near fort worth Texas. One night Carter was at work and he came home to find his neighbors apartments destroyed! He and his neighbors apartments were one of the unfortunate ones to be hit by a tornado that wiped out lots of homes and knocked down lots of trees during this twister.

During his fourth year of university, Carter went on to present a speech in front of people who are very important to the workings of NASA! One of many accomplishments in Waligura’s early collegiate career. Carter went on to graduate on May 17th 2020 from Case Western Reserve University with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering and will most likely be very successful.

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