Where Are They Now? Anthony Sparks

Anthony Sparks
Anthony Sparks
Class of 2010

What do you remember about your high school graduation?

After Mr. Colebank said we were all graduates, the Student Counsel, including myself, were standing in front of all the other students of the 2010 class, I took my cap and threw it as high as I could.  After that, everyone immediately threw theirs as well.  There was a flowing of white and maroon caps as if I started a movement.

What do you miss most about high school?

Besides my compassion of all my sporting seasons and the wild stories that were created, I miss the relaxation time I had if I wanted it.  Nowadays, it’s a constant rush through my days.

Are you continuing your education or working, or both? Tell us more about where and what you are doing.

I am currently at Bethany College and I am a student of the Communications and Media Arts Department where I’ve announced sporting events, produced newscast and shows on our television studio, organized radio shows and written newspaper stories.  I am the student manager of Bethany Broadcasting Network, WVBC Music Director, a member of New Media Club and Public Relations Society of America.  A very busy, but an understatement of fun times.

Do you feel that high school prepared you for your work now and what has been some surprising things about work/school?

Yes, high school did prepare me for the next level of my academics, but simply because I was determined to better myself in all my activities, and constantly desired to learn new things everyday.  The AP, California University and Penn State Fayette classes that were offered, I took advantage of those opportunities knowing it would help later in my college years.  Sure enough, by taking those classes, I am on pace to graduate from Bethany College this coming August, 9 months early

Are you friends with the same people from high school and have you made new friends?

Life is complex and there are so many routes my closer friends took, which weren’t particularly the same, or remotely close to mine.  I am not as close to the same friends I had in high school, but those few that I still talk to, are the best ones of all.  And yes, I’ve met a lot of new friends.  College absolutely opened up a new door to my social life.

Have you seen the completed renovations?

Yes I have and I was lost in 37 seconds.

Do you have any words of advice for current students?

Always making new connections, especially in the field I am in, I’ve been blessed to be given a plethora of advice you are asking me to do.  A few months ago James Peterson and myself had done a radio interview with Andy Grammer, the pop performer, he really stressed valuing yourself and making yourself unique in, not only in your personality, but most especially in your work.  He started performing on the streets of Santa Monica, California and he now happily married and is a Billboards Top 100 artist all by the age of 29.  Find what you enjoy most in your life and become an expert in that passion.  So there, I will gladly pass on the advice of valuing yourself in your everyday actions.

If you would like to see some of Anthony’s work you can visit Bethany College or his online portfolio!

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