Where Are They Now? Brett Bowers

Brett Bowers
Brett Bowers
Class of 2012

What do you remember about your high school graduation?

Orlando Coleman making fun of every single person.

What do you miss most about high school?

What I miss most about school is, my 10th and 11th grade gym classes, chicken patties, random lunch conversations, all the teachers that knew how to have fun, St. George Basketball, a lot of things.

Are you continuing your education or working, or both?

I took this year off of school because I was unsure of what to go for.  I got a job with the school district in June and have been working here since.  I am currently enrolled at Cal U for fall 2013

Do you feel that high school prepared you for your work now and what has been some surprising things about work/school?

I don’t believe school can prepare you for some of the nuts I work with.  The most surprising thing is that I never thought I’d miss school so much.  A lot changes when you graduate.

Are you friends with the same people from high school and have you made new friends?

A few of them not many.  I’ve made a couple friends from work.

Have you seen the completed renovations?

I have seen the completed renovations.  I would like to say that they should have never touched the front steps and the old gym.  The new gym has nothing on the old gym.

Do you have any words of advice for current students?

Don’t be in such a rush to graduate enjoy your time in high school.  Be good to the janitors, listen to the teachers, and support Mrs. Marzano and this newspaper.

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