Where Are They Now? Jordan Coddington

We asked Jordan Coddington some questions about her life since graduating from Uniontown Area High School. Jordan is currently a Junior at West Virginia University.

What are you studying?
I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with double minors in Public Relations and Strategic Social Media and an emphasis in Social Media and Communication Technology.

Why did you pick that school?
I first attended George Mason University in the fall of my freshman year but transferred to WVU for the spring semester of my freshman year. I chose WVU because of the sense of community, school spirit and ultimately, the outstanding Department of Communication within the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. 

Why did you pick your major?
During my time at UHS, I was the Editor-in-Chief of Tomahawk Talk and I grew an appreciation and passion for journalism, media, and communication. If you don’t enjoy what you do/study, then why do it? Passion for my area of study was far more than any dollar sign could compare. 

What are your plans after school?
I plan to either work in a corporate firm in the communication department or manage social media platforms for a company (either small brand or corporate) or pursue a Masters’s degree in a related field to my undergrad.

What do you enjoy the most about college?
I enjoy the work opportunities and organizations that I get to be apart of. I’m currently a member of the Undergraduate Communication Association, Public Relations Student Society of America, and the Communication’s Honors Society “Lambda Pi Eta”. I also hold positions as an Undergraduate Research Assistant within the Department of Communication, an internship within WVU’s University Relations, and as a Public Relations Street Team member with WVU’s independent newspaper, the Daily Athenaeum. 

What do you miss most about high school?
Working on Tomahawk Talk with Mrs. Marzano and the faculty of UHS who were always ready for whatever video project idea I was about to produce. 

Any advice for the students thinking about attending college? 
Do what you are passionate about, life is too short to not want to pursue the interests within your heart. Make decisions based on your personal interests, not what others expect you to do. 
Let’s Go Mountaineers! 

Jordan Coddington standing on the “Lock Bridge” in Paris, France

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