Where Are They Now? Kameron Schaefer

Kameron George
Kameron Schaefer
Graduating Class of 2008

What do you remember about your high school graduation?

“It was inside due to rain.”

What do you miss about high school?

“Competing in sports.”

Are you continuing your education, working, or both? Tell us more about where and what you are doing.

“I have a bachelors degree in secondary education. I am working as a graduate assistant, working on my masters degree and working for the university as well as substitute teaching.”

Do you feel that high school prepared you for your work now? What has been surprising about work/school?

“High school prepared me for college well enough but I would not be where I am without my college education.”

Are you friends with the same people from high school and have you made new friends?

“I do have a few friends from high school that I remain in contact with but not many.”

Have you seen the new renovations?

“Only the auditorium.”

Do you have any words of advice for current students?

“Be disciplined and work hard. Good grades in high school pay off as scholarships for college. This is increasing lucrative in our current economy. Stay focused but have fun along the way while you can, while you still have relatively few responsibilities.”

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