Where Are They Now? Katelyn Schaefer

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Katelyn Schaefer
Graduating Class of 2005

What do you remember about your high school graduation?

It was in the gym and was super hot and awful – I was afraid I was going to pass out as I walked up to get my diploma.

What do you miss about high school?

Swim team and band. There were a lot of great times and memories made.

Are you continuing your education, working, or both? Tell us more about where and what you are doing.

I got my BA at Waynesburg University in International Studies, worked for a while, and am now attending WVU for my MA in education to teach grades 5 and up Spanish and Social Studies.

Do you feel that high school prepared you for your work now? What has been surprising about work/school?

Yes, I felt well prepared going into college. However, I now teach freshman classes at WVU and I can definitely see where some students are unprepared. (Not necessarily from UHS but it seems to be the trend in general.) Going to college and/or joining the workforce takes a lot of responsibility and sometimes I wish I was back in high school where that wasn’t such a big concern.

Are you friends with the same people from high school and have you made new friends?

I have kept in touch with a few people from high school – we get together over holidays or at football games, but most of my close friends now are people I met when I moved to Morgantown.

Have you seen the new renovations?

I have seen a few – it looks like a high school out of the movies! I’m pretty jealous that it wasn’t like this when I attended.

Do you have any words of advice for current students?

Have fun and enjoy your time at UHS. It goes by really fast and you are never going to get those years back. Study too – I promise you will be glad you did!

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