Why Bullying Isn’t Okay

Bullying is not cool, especially on social media. For those of you don’t know what bullying is, it is whenever you seek harm or intimidate someone else. Bullying can be taken in different kinds of ways. It could be taken out in a good way or a bad way. It all depends on the person. 

Social media bullying could mentally hurt someone. You could hurt someone you don’t even know on social media. You may think you’re getting away with it, but the is a system that sees everything that you say. Even after you delete it. Whenever you say something on social media about someone you should be careful about who you say it to. People could cause self harm due to bullying. If you’re going to bully you should at least do it in person. Either way bullying is not a good thing though. 

Some just walk away and not worry about getting bullied. Some over react. Some don’t react at all. Not everyone is the same & will react the same way. In other words, bullying is not okay. Whether it is face to face or online on social media. Stop bullying others when they do not bother you. It’s not a good look on how other people see you. 

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