Will The Volleyball Team Make It To Playoffs?

With the Uniontown Area High School Girls Volleyball Team having a winning record of 7-2 so far, we asled player and soon-to-be graduate, Senior Nevaeh Mccargo, what her thoughts were on the teams playoff chances.

Q: How do you feel as a Senior with a winning record?
A:It’s really exciting, and I’m happy that I get to end my Senior year on a good note.

Q: What do you think you’re chances are in making it to playoffs?
A: Very high we are currently in 3rd place with our winning record.

Q: As a graduating Senior what do you think you will miss most about about volleyball?
A: I would definitely miss playing with my teammates who are more like family and I’ll miss playing the sport I love most.

Q: What would you tell upcoming freshman players?
A: I would tell them to play every game like it was their last, and start out every game strong and finish every game strong. To always have fun and play as a team but have a good attitude because that is key.

Q: With this winning season what is something you think you learned?
A: I definitely learned how to play more as a team, and that anything is possible.

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