Winter Sports Pep Rally

By: Tatiana Lawson

The Winter Sports pep rally was held on Friday, February 8 in the gymnasium.  Winter sports include girls basketball, boys basketball, swimming and diving.The pep rally was planned to get the boys basketball team ready to compete against our arch rivals the Laural Highlands Mustangs.

This  spirit week  students participated in animal print day,  pajama day, and maroon and white day. While the pep rally was going on Tomahawk Towels were launched into  the crowd. This year our senior members of the boys basketball, girls basketball, swimming, and diving team are Dreher Winfrey, Christian Kezmarsky, Miles Jackson,  Kris Eilam, Lydia Denis, T’keya Hunter, Kia Rose, Jesse Madison, Danashia Harris, Alyssa Macheskey, James Rabbon, Danny Jonhs, Nathan Hager, Sarah Novak, Mareye Holschur.


During the event students played several games and they had more fun than the first Fall Sports pep rally. The first game that was played was the half court shot. Many students played but the only person that made it (on the first try) was starting gaurd Dreher Winfrey. The second activity was probably everyone’s favorite. James Rabbon, Jordan Pratt, and Dreher Winfrey were all called down to the court and were told that they were going to be blind folded and that one of the cheerleaders were going to kiss them. But what they didn’t know is that their moms came to the school and instead of a cheerleader kissing them it was their mom.When the moms took the blind folded off each contestant all the boys were so surprised and embarrassed. Everyone in the gym had a good laugh.Varsity cheerleader Tia Forsythe said “I’m glad I got to participate in one of the games”. Varsity basketball player Jeremy Perkins said “I think the pep rally was really motivational for the whole basketball team”.



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