Working During the Pandemic

Some students at UHS have been working jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic and it has been anything but ordinary. From sanitizing, wearing a mask at all times, and safely working with others, it is very different from what was pre-coronavirus. All of this is affecting our students.
Jasmyne Harris and Lizzie Franks, both Juniors, have stated that their jobs have had to cut hours for those working, to ensure the safety of theirselves and coworkers. While Serena Taylor began working more, as business picked up. Sanitizing became key and dining rooms have been opening and closing. Brandon Hebda said, “Things are constantly changing and its been hard. Customers have definitely been less kind and more demanding. Most customers are inconsiderate towards fast food employees.” He had mentioned that some customers refuse to wear masks, which puts himself and others around him at risk.

For others there was little to no change. Abbey Stevenson experienced minimal change at her job, only that it has become slower. One downside is, that she has to worry about the food that is going to waste.

Stay safe and thank you for working hard!

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