You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

The State Theatre Center for the Arts is hosting the 70th anniversary of the comic strip Peanuts by performing You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown the musical! The Peanuts gang come to life on stage in this whimsy good-hearted musical. With a small cast and simple staging it is the perfect musical for all ages. The crowd pleasing classic shows the trials and tribulations of Charlie brown and many of his friends, including his dog!

The show at the State is being directed and choreographed by John Wagner. Wagner has directed and choreographed many of the Summer at the State shows including Mamma Mia and Newsies! Megan Clark, the stage manager, has plenty of room when working with the technical arrangements for many of the vignette’s which span months from Valentines day to Beethoven day. Uniontown High School’s own Wyatt Wilson is the music director and pianist for the show; he is teaching the unique songs and playing with the pit for the show that everyone is sure to love.

Meet the characters!
Good ol’ Charlie Brown is being played by Toby Maykuth. This lovable character in the zig-zag t-shirt never gives up. He runs into many obstacles in his own little world, yet never gives up. Charlie manages his own baseball team, has run ins with the kite-eating tree, and gets grief from his own dog! He remains the devoted hero of his story!

The world famous Snoopy is being played by Justin Cerullo. He’s a canine master of disguise throughout his wild adventures. Snoopy often ponders life from the top of his dog house aka the Red Baron. This dog of many trades is a WWI flying ace, a great american writer, and never forgets when its time to eat supper!

Miss bossy-pants Lucy is being played by Emily Hamilla. Lucy is known for giving advice from her 5 cent psychiatrists booth. She is often crabby, humiliating Charlie Brown, and yanking away her little brothers security blanket. However, Lucy has one big weakness: her love for Schroeder!

The blanket-clutching philosopher Linus is being played by Brennen Malia. Linus tends to be the voice of reason, and has a kind word for everyone! His blanket, which is his ultimate security, protects him from his insecurities despite his incredible intelligence.

Charlie’s little sis Sally is being played by Kayla Grimm. Sally believes the world owes her an explanation and is always on the hunt for answers. She is also devoted to her “sweet babboo” Linus, who unfortunately doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings. Sally questions everything, and if she doesn’t get her answers… she comes up with a new philosophy!

The musical genius Schroeder is being played by Will Dixon. This prodigy is seen playing on his mini toy piano, which he uses to escape reality. While warding off advances from Lucy, he idolizes Ludwig van Beethoven. Schroeder is a fan of all things Beethoven, even treating his birthday like a national holiday!

Watch Charles Schulz’s comic come to life in Clark Gesner’s classic musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at the State Theater February 21-23! Show times are 7pm-9pm, and 2pm on the 23rd. Tickets are $15 for Adults and $10 for children (12 or younger). Tickets can be bought online at or by calling the Box Office!

State Theatre Center for the Arts
27 East Main Street
Uniontown, PA 15401


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