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Missing All The Fun Of Senior Year

When you first start high school, you start to look forward to all the amazing things you get to do as a senior. Graduation, senior nights, prom; basically the senior …

Forest Fire

The Effects on Online School on Mental Health


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Track vs. Cross Country – What do Uniontown Runners Prefer?

Here at Uniontown, a vast majority of our student athletes are members of both the track and cross country teams. Although both sports involve middle to long-distance running, it is …

Choosing Your Sport


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Earth Day – April 22

Earth Day is the day we try and cut down on what we throw away and use. We focus on trying to keep our Earth healthy and clean. Reduce, recycle, …

PJAS State Competition

Back To Remote Due To More Cases


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St. Jude’s Valentine Day Donation

Lafayette Student Council participated in a project to send valentines to kids at St. Jude’s Hospital. Those members of Lafayette’s Student Council were working on a project to send virtual …

Before & After WWll: USA

How Skiing Can Be a Great Workout